Your music can be treated using a plethora of sonic palettes. Synth treatments at your preference from a multitude of analog, hybrid and digital synths, mixing through the Neve console and other great analog gear, production help with rearranging and “sprucing up” so your song reaches its highest potential.

Mixing: You track can be mixed through your choice of a) The Neve console for sweet analog goodness, b) An SSL X-Rack summing mixer for the punchy upper midrange sound,  or c) in the box with a huge array of plug-ins available for sonic treatment. We can also combine the above in a multitude of ways. E.g. drums through the SSL and the rest through the Neve, or whatever you may want for your project.

Production & Remixing: If you feel your track needs some extra treatment to make it “radio ready”, we can add creative layers or rearranging as required. We can also bring your demo track into a completely new and professional identity. You have a track done with a very simple setup in your bedroom? Let us add all the rest and have the track sound like its fullest potential.

: You may have a track that sounds a bit lacking in the synth or drum machine department. The track may have used a soft synth or similar, but you need some beefy, real hardware sounds instead. No problem; send the MIDI file (or project) and we can add tracks using one or more of our many vintage and modern synths recorded through the Neve console for you. Among the many synths and drum machines you’ll find the Jupiter 8, Yamaha CS-80, PPG Wave 2.3 & Waveterm B, Korg PS-3300, Roland VP-330, Roland SH-1000, Roland SH-101, Modal 002, DSI Prophet 12, Moog Voyager XL, Roland System 100m, Novation Peak, Nord Lead 4, Roland MKS-80, Roland MKS-70, Oberheim OBMx & Matrix 6, Waldorf Kyra, Access Virus TI2, SE ATC-1, TR-808, TR-909, LinnDrum etc. etc.

Composition: We also do composing duties if you have a partially completed track, or wish to have one made for you. Film and TV soundtracks are also available.

Other: Have other ideas you need covered? Perhaps you need a track for a Playstation game? Perhaps you need only a recording of your vocal track over already completed music? Sound effects? Contact us with your needs and we’ll work it out for you.